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What is Blue Linux?

Blue Linux is a free operating system for computers in the educational field. An operating system is a set of programs that make your computer run. Blue Linux is based from the Linux core system.

Blue Linux offers more then just an operating system: it comes with many packages that are used in the educational field. All these packages are bundled up in an easy installation program.

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Linux fund brings needed aid
New Screenshot of Blue Linux KDE3
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Buy Blue Linux Software
What do you get when you buy Blue Linux software? You get a copy of Blue Linux on CD at your doorstep, FREE web support!, Personalized attention, and the satisfaction that you have helped continue development. We need your help now more then ever. Our operating budget will be online very soon for everyones review. Help us know so we can meet all needs.

Help Blue Linux
We are currently seeking help in several ways. We are currently seeking people who would like to give some time to take over a department, for example we need a department (Project Leader) for the packages area, web site, distribution and others. If you are interested in leading a group then please drop matt@bluelinux.org a line and tell him what you are interested in