mirror sites:

Mirror Information

How to setup a Mirror?

We have a few requirements for those wishing to run a mirror:
  • You must not make any "local" changes.
  • You must do an update-check at least twice a week.
  • You must subscribe to the mailing list for mirror maintainers.
  • Must setup your server to handle traphic to lang.bluelinux.org for example en.bluelinux.org. If there is currently a lang.bluelinux.org then make yours answer to lang2.bluelinux.org and so on.

Mirroring the FTP server currently is about 1 gig but will be growing.

Mirroring the HTTP server is about 20 megabytes or less but growing, Web server requires usage of .htaccess files and php with mysql support.

More requirements may be placed at some point in the future, but for now that's all there is. There are a couple of things which are highly recommended:
  • Run your mirroring software between midnight and 4am PST (8am-noon GMT) when traffic is at its lowest.

Mirroring Techniques

Currently we are only supporting one way to mirror our sites.

Use Rsync. Rsync is simliar to cvsup, but (in therory) more widely ported, and uses hashes rather than CVS versions to watch for differences. You can find details on rsync at http://rsync.samba.org You might want to call it using the following arguments, for example:

FTP Mirror: rsync -azC --delete ftp.bluelinux.org::blueftp /local/path/to/mirror
HTTP Mirror: rsync -azC --delete bluelinux.org::blueweb /local/path/to/mirror

You can setup a cron job with this code

0,30 * * * * /usr/bin/rsync -azC --delete bluelinux.org::blueweb /local/path/to/mirror
(you dont need to update every half-hour, you should try to stagger your times so not everyone is hitting the server at the same time)

You can also just do a rsync bluelinux.org:: to get a list of rsync modules available

Inform Us!

Once the site is setup, send an email to mirrors@bluelinux.org to let us know its been setup, and when it updates, as we'll add it to the list of mirrors. Please be patient if it takes a little while to respond.

The mailing list for mirror maintainers can be joined by sending mail to mirrors-request@lists.bluelinux.org with subscribe in the body or you can get information on this list at http://lists.bluelinux.org/mailman/listinfo/mirrors. Also you need to subscribe to mirrors-announce list. You can find more information on this list and several others here