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Blue Linux is a powerful operating system that is currently available for x86 Processors. Blue Linux includes many programs that are usefull in the school system enviornment and is easy and fun to use while providing the power of Linux™ systems. Hundreds of included applications make it a great solution for schools, government institutions, and personal use.

Since Blue Linux is an Open Source product, it needs your financial support. Developing a Linux distribution is very costly, so it helps to have community support. Do you want to help Blue Linux make it into schools and government positions? Would you like to see Blue Linux help free up much needed money in your current school?

Before downloading our products we ask for your support by a small donation to the development fund. This money goes to further development, pay for bandwidth costs of downloaded distributions, systems to continue development on, and other costs of business.None of these donations are used to pay developers, directors, or any salaries. All business costs are in the way of server leasing, bandwidth leasing, legal funds, hardware and software.

Free Software can only remain healthy with your financial support, so please donate a dollar or two.

I agree to support Blue Linux, please send me to the donation system now (powered by Amazon)

I have already donated or plan on doing so soon, please send me to the download page now