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An important part of any operating system is documentation, the technical manuals that describe the operation and use of programs. As part of its efforts to create a high-quality free operating system, the Blue Linux Project is making every effort to provide all of its users with proper documentation in an easily accessible form.

Most of the documentation included in Blue Linux was written for Blue Linux.

These documents come in these basic categories:


The manuals resemble books, because they comprehensively describe major topics.

Manuals specific to Blue Linux

The primary Blue Linux-specific document is the Installation Manual. Other noteworthy Blue Linux manuals are Developers' Reference,New Maintainers' Guide, and others.

The complete list of Blue Linux manuals and other documentation can be found at the Blue Linux Documentation Project web pages.

Manuals for GNU/Linux in general

Some of the most popular Linux documents and manuals are Linux Installation and Getting Started, Linux User's Guide, Network Administrator's Guide, System Administrator's Guide, and others.

Linux documentation is coordinated through the efforts of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). You can find the full set of LDP manuals at their web pages, along with a lot of other documentation, both in electronic and printed form.


The HOWTO documents, like their name says, describe how to do something, and they usually cover a more specific subject.

Some of the most important Linux HOWTOs are:


FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. An FAQ is a document which answers those questions.

Blue Linux FAQ is currently being built. We hope to have it up soon.

Please see the LDP FAQ index for more information.

Other, shorter documents

The following documents include quicker, shorter instructions:

Like their name says, they are miniature HOWTOs. They are usually shorter and more terse than the regular HOWTOs.
manual pages
Traditionally, all Unix programs are documented with manual pages, reference manuals made available through the man command. They usually aren't meant for beginners.
various README files
The read me files are also common -- they are simple text files that describe a single item, usually a package. You can find a lot of these in the /usr/share/doc/ subdirectories on your Blue Linux system.

If you have checked the above resources and still can't find answers to your questions or solutions to your problems regarding Blue Linux, take a look at our support page.