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A lot of people have asked what the equivalences to Windows™ and Linux for schools and other uses. This list is a very basic list. We will be expanding on this list as the time goes on. If you would like to comment on this list make additions or just mention anything about it Please Do!

This list has been discussed and posted on OS:N, and has had some updates.

Application Windows program OSS/Linux equivalent(s)
Word processing: Microsoft Word AbiWord, KOffice, StarOffice, Open Office
Web browsing: Internet Explorer, Netscape Konqueror, Mozilla, Galeon, Netscape
Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel Gnumeric, Kspread, StarOffice, Open Office
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop The GIMP, KIllustrator
Web design: Allaire HomeSite Glimmer, Quanta, Amaya, Bluefish
Web sharing: Microsoft IIS Apache
Groupware PIM: Microsoft Outlook Evolution, PHP Groupware, Mimerdesk, Aethera
Security: Fortres No extra software needed
System updates: Windows Update Blue Linux Update, Red Hat Network, apt-get
Slide presentation: Microsoft PowerPoint KPresenter, StarOffice