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On the net - April 25, 2002: Blue Linux has received a grant from Linux Fund in the amount of one thousand dollars. This recent grant will allow Blue Linux to create a parent non-profit organization. The new organization will be called Linux for Education. Also this grant will help support the costs of development and infrastructure that comes with running a large open source project. "Linux Fund came thru for us on time, professional, and overall a great group of people to work with" said Matt Jezorek Executive Director of Linux for Education. "We feel that what Linux Fund is doing is a great way to help Open Source software flourish."

About Linux Fund
Linux Fund started excepting grants in June of 2000 since then they have continued with their mission of giving. Linux Fund seeks to advance the art of Open Source by, Granting scholarships to university projects that show promise as Open Source Developers, and by issuing development grants for projects that will enhance the long-term vitality of the Open Source Arena. Linux Fund is a non-profit organization with a pending 501(c)3 application. Visit Linux Fund at http://www.linuxfund.org/

About Blue Linux Blue Linux is a development project to design and implement a full featured Linux Distribution made for the educational and government sector. Our primary goals are to allow ease of use, and installation with minimal system administration requirements. This way schools can adopt Blue Linux into their computing environment with little to no hassle. Blue Linux is currently on release candidate 2 with the 1.0 final release coming in June 2002. The final release will contain KDE 3.0 as its primary desktop with other options for legacy hardware. "We feel that Blue Linux can cut the cost of school technology budgets in half" claims Matt Jezorek. Visit Blue Linux at http://www.bluelinux.org/