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SourceForge Petition for Educational Foundry

To: SourceForge Foundry Administration

We the undersigned think and agree that SourceForge being a leader in Open Source Project hosting and marketing should provide an Educational Project Foundry similar to the Games Foundry. We feel that this will provide a great tool to provide educational resources to teachers, students, and aspiring developers looking to make a change in Educational Resources.

We feel the following statement on your web site explains why we the undersigned would like an educational foundry.
"SourceForge Foundries serve as places for developers to congregate, share expertise and news, get and give advice, and generally help each other develop better software faster (this is Open Source, after all)."
By teaching the youth about open source we can increase the awareness of Open Source software in current and future generations, thereby increasing both the user and developer base of Open Source software and generally snowballing the 'Open Source' effect. This also has the benefit of allowing resources that would be spent on closed source software to be spent in areas where it is really needed.


The Undersigned