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Mailing lists

Blue Linux is developed through distributed development all around the world. Therefore e-mail is a preferred way to discuss various items. Much of the the conversation between Blue Linux developers and users is managed through several mailing lists.

There are several publicly available mailing lists. For more information, see Blue Linux mailing lists page.

There are many other Linux mailing lists, which are not Blue Linux-specific. Please refer to this index.

Reaching Package Maintainers

There are two ways of reaching package maintainers. If you need to contact the maintainer because of a bug, simply file a bug report (see the Bug Tracking System section below). The maintainer will get a copy of the bug report.

If you simply want to communicate with the maintainer, then you can use the special mail aliases set up for each package. Any mail sent to <package name>@packages.bluelinux.org (under construction) will be forwarded to the maintainer responsible for that package.

The Bug Tracking System

The Blue Linux distribution has a bug tracking system which details bugs reported by users and developers. Each bug is given a number, and is kept on file until it is marked as having been dealt with.

Information on submitting bugs, viewing the currently active bugs, and the bug tracking system in general can be found at the bug tracking system web pages.


Currently there are no Blue Linux Consultants.

On-line Real Time Help Using IRC

Currently IRC is not running on our machines

Other support resources

More as they come around.