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Welcome to Blue Linux Mailing Lists. If you are interested in Blue Linux and what we are doing we ask that you join a mailing list and tell everyone what you think. Well as long as its good. No these lists are open to all opinions good and bad. We hope that you will find them helpful.

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BlueEDU-help This is the list to post your questions about Blue Linux problems. If you are having problems configuring Blue Linux or any other help question post them here HTTP
BlueEDU-Users This is the place where users of Blue Linux will hang out and chat about Blue Linux. If you have a question to post to other users. Try here HTTP
General Lists
BlueEDU-General This is just a general list about Blue Linux, various discussion might go on here. HTTP
BlueEDU-packages This is a list about the packages included in Blue Linux. If you would like to see a package included in Blue Linux this is the best spot to post the information. HTTP
Planning This is a mailing list for the planning group. This is the spot where we plan what we are trying to do and when HTTP
Development Lists
BlueEDU-Dev This is the list the developers hang out, general development chat. HTTP
BlueEDU-boot This is the installer list. This is where the installation team will chat about install problems, issues and you can watch the installer change HTTP
BlueEDU-cvs This is a list where all cvs commits are sent HTTP
BlueEDU-www This is a list about the web site. Web Site conversation goes on here about what we need to add to the site. Where we need to go with the site and other information. HTTP
Mirrors This is the mirror maintainer list HTTP
Mirrors-announce This is the mirror announcement list, here we announce changes to the structure, mirroring techniques and other mirror information HTTP
BlueEDU-bugs This is the list about Blue Linux Bugs HTTP

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